jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017


Hello kids!

We are learning about plant reproduction in class now. Remember there are two kinds of plants: FLOWERING PLANTS (they reproduce sexually) and NON-FLOWERING PLANTS (they reproduce asexually).

FLOWERING PLANTS produce SEEDS and there are two kinds:

- ANGIOSPERMS (they develop a FRUIT with SEEDS inside)
- GYMNOSPERMS (they have really small flowers and develop their SEEDS inside CONES)

(Some flowering plants also reproduce asexually using STOLONS, for example the strawberry plant)

NON-FLOWERING PLANTS reproduce using SPORES. There are two kinds:


Watch this video to remember how pollination works and the parts of a flower:

Enjoy! 😊

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  1. Hello Macarena,
    I see you continued with the blog... hahahaha, well, to tell you the truth, I still come and check the blog sometimes... hehe
    Well, what to say... Thanks for everything you taught me, it's been very useful.
    an "old" student,
    Lara :D