martes, 4 de abril de 2017

Mass and volume

Hello everyone!!

The other day we learned about mass and volume. We learned that mass is measured in grams (gr.) or kilograms (kg.) and that volume is measured in millilitres (ml.) or litres (l.).

To find out the mass of different objects we used a SCALE. We had to put the object on one side of the scale and different weights on the other side to try and make it balanced.
It was difficult to measure the pencil cases because some of them were really heavy!!
For measuring the water in the jug, we had to measure the full jug first, and then empty it to find out how heavy was the jug alone and then subtract!

To find out the volume of different objects we used a MEASURING JUG. First we had to measure the volume of water and then submerge the object to see if the volume changed. We saw that it grew! so we subtracted and found out the volume of the objects.
This is called the ARCHIMEDES PRINCIPLE.

Here are some pictures of the process!!