viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

Webs to practice your "pasalapabra"

Hello, everyone!

Here you have the two webpages Milagros told you about, for you to practice the "Pasapalabra" game: (CLICK ON THE NAMES)




jueves, 23 de abril de 2015


Hi everyone!

In order to better understand how heat works, we have done some experiments in class. Remember the steps when we do an experiment!
1) What do you want to find out?
2) Hypothesis! What do you think the result of the experiment will be?
3) Method! What are you going to do?
4) Result! What happened? What does it mean?

First, we wanted to find out which materials are better heat conductors, so we put three spoons of different materials with butter at one end, and really hot water on the other end. The butter will melt faster if the material of the spoon conducts the heat from the water well and fast.

Here are some pictures!

Then, I told you the story of "The Snowman's Coat", and we wanted to find out wether the snowman would melt faster or slower if we put a coat on it. We used two ice cubes, one in a sock and one without it. After a while, and to everyone's surprise, we could see how the one without the sock was melting faster!
We have the experience of coats or socks keeping us warm, but we understood that the heat comes from us, not from the coat, the coat just preserves the heat, or the coldness in this case.

Here are some pictures!

We also experimented with evaporation. We made a solution of water and salt and we asked ourselves whether everything would evaporate, or if just the water would "disappear", leaving the salt in the trays. After three days we found out that only the water had evaporated, leaving the salt crystallized!!
Crystallized salt has the shape of perfect prisms or cubes, and we used a magnifying glass to see them closer! How beautiful, huh!?

Finally, we learned about light energy, and how objects allow or don't allow light to pass through them:

I hope these experiments have helped you understand things better. 

Have a nice week!