viernes, 31 de enero de 2014


Hello everyone!
For Peace Day, we have learned about the history of racist segregation and discrimination in the USA, and we have seen the inspiring speech given by Martin Luther King Jr., "I have a dream".
Here you can watch the video again, and I have also uploaded the document I gave you, with part of the speech's transcription, adapted for you.
It is worth watching the whole video, but it may be too long and difficult to understand, so if you prefer, you can only watch the parts we have been working on:
- From the beginning to minute 3:10
- From minute 11:50 to the end

As we already said in class, Martin Luther King was a very good public speaker. He knew when to lower or raise his voice, make pauses, or say sentences quickly, to get people's attention and provoke emotion.
His speech is also full of literary devices, like metaphors or repetition.

  • Can you identify some of the metaphors that Martin Luther King used in his speech? What do you think they mean?
  • Can you pick up examples of repetition in his speech? What effect do they make on the audience? 

Have a wonderful weekend!